Manicure and Pedicure

You always love showing off your new nail look of the month and we love bringing your nail designs to life. At Gloria Nails, we proudly offer the best manicures to bring our customers guaranteed satisfaction with how they look. Since opening our doors in 2017 we've been proudly serving the community of Montgomery, AL with our full service nail salon services. Whether you're looking for a simple, single color or something more unique, our nail technicians will be able to bring it to life. We love being able to help our customers leave feeling relaxed and loving their new manicured look.

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Tired of spending hours in the shower or in front of the mirror trying to get rid of your unwanted body hair? Then let us at Gloria Nails in Montgomery, AL provide you with the best solution. Since 2017 we've enjoyed getting to offer our customers the ability to quickly and almost painlessly remove their unwanted body hair with our waxing services. From your face to your legs and anywhere else on your body that has hair you'd like to get rid of, we're the best place for you. As a full-service nail salon, we've been proudly bringing these waxing services and nail services to our community in the hopes of pampering our customers.

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Eyebrows Threading

Are you looking for a better way to get the eyebrows of your dreams? Then you should come into Gloria Nails full service nail salon to check out our eyebrow threading services. When you need a less painful way to bring some needed tender loving care to your brows, then this is the method for you.

Since we opened our doors in 2017 we've been bringing the people of Montgomery, AL this different facial hair removal method. We love being able to offer an alternative to waxing that is less painful. So don't spend countless hours in front of a mirror plucking individual hairs or even dealing with the painful pulling of waxing when eyebrow threading is an option.

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